Let´s talk happiness

Denmark ranks as the happiest country in the world according to the United Nations. Don´t you want to know why? Watch the video and answer the questions below.  Key at the bottom!

1. How many people live in Denmark?
2. How often does it rain?
3. What does Denmark have that US doesn’t?
4. What does the welfare state focus on?
5. How much tax do Danes pay?
6. What do the Danes understand by social democracy?
7. What health problems are mentioned?
8. What aspect of the Danish lifestyle is the most important for the Honours?
9. What does Hygge encourage people to do?
10. What does the law of Jante involve?
11. What have the Honours learnt after living in Denmark for several years?



1 Six million
2 50% of the year
3 Free healthcare, free education, 12 months’ maternity leave
4 reducing extreme unhappiness, and investing in public goods that create quality of life for all
5 60%
6 The idea that Denmark is a market economy but it also has income equality and low poverty rates
7 Denmark has the highest cancer rate in the world, in part due to its smoking and drinking habits, and large portions of the population also suffer from alcoholism and depression.
8 Family life balance
9 Enjoy life’s simple pleasures.
10 living simply, without showing off wealth
11 to take each day as it comes and to not always be thinking about what’s next


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